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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does modsiLver require a minimum purchase?
    We do not have a minimum purchase as far as our table bases. 1 is no problem. To powder coat products, there's no minimum for black or silver and other colors have a $72 minimum.
  • Which credit cards do you accept? What are your credit terms?
    modsiLver accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We can also extend net 30 terms to companies with steady needs via credit application. The majority of our customers purchase via net 30.
  • What dealer discounts do you offer?
    Reach out to us at or call 616-754-5655, and we can help determine that for you.
  • Does modsiLver sell to the general public?
    No, we only sell to office furniture dealers. We want to help our customers, not create further competition for them.
  • How do you generally ship your table bases and legs? What is your shipping policy?
    Every order we complete is nicely packaged and shipped with great attention to detail. We ship via UPS for small packages and use various common carriers for LTL shipments on pallets. Our products are priced FOB from Greenville, MI. We also have a modsiLver box truck that delivers in the West Michigan area. Please contact us for more information about our delivery areas. Customers can also call or email us for quick freight quotes at any time.
  • How soon can you ship product that is in stock?
    Our carriers pick up each day around 4 PM. If you place an order by 3:30 PM, we can ship that day. If you need that product as soon as possible, just let us know. We’ll make every effort to get your order shipped even if it's later in the day.
  • How can modsiLver save us money on shipping?
    Upon request we work with our customers to limit the costs of UPS shipping. We can designate a space in our warehouse to hold your orders if you would like to wait to ship them until the order is large enough to combine on a pallet.
  • What are your standard powder coat colors?
    Many of our products are stocked in black and silver, with some just black, and some just silver. Our modLine product line is stocked in Silver/Platinum for a more refined look. We can powder coat any table leg or table base quickly. We offer 10 stock powder-coat finishes: Platinum/Silver Black White HM Medium Tone HM Light Tone HM Inner Tone HM Inner Tone Light HM Soft White HW Graphite KromeZone (new) There’s never a minimum charge to powder coat legs or bases in Black or Platinum/Silver.
  • Do you have powder coat samples for reference?
    Yes, our powder coat standard sample set is available upon request.
  • How long does it take to powder coat stock items?
    We can powder coat items as quickly as 1 day, but our policy is to allow 5-7 business days in order to ensure the best quality outcome.
  • What is your TROUT powder coat finish about?
    modsiLver is proud to introduce our new unique powder coat process/finish - TROUT. Why limit paint or powder coat to solid colors only? TROUT CLEAR puts a magnifying glass to the natural beauty of US made steel. We utilize a specialized phosphate wash and then apply a durable clear powder coat finish that will make your table bases come to life. There are 4 TROUT powder coating options: TROUT Gloss Light TROUT Gloss Dark TROUT Matte Light TROUT Matte Dark The most popular TROUT finish is TROUT Matte Light, but each finish has its very own unique look and feel.
  • What products do you offer in TROUT powder coat finish?
    TROUT lends itself nicely to our Industrial Collection like modLine Industrial H-bases and modLine V-bases. These are our best sellers in TROUT. Our modLine Low Profile T, C, and X-bases are also gaining steam and catching some attention. Low Profile disc bases are also a great product for TROUT as we can show off tons of surface area for a very natural and retro style.
  • What’s the difference between table legs and table bases?
    Table legs are commonly referred to as straight legs or post legs. Table legs are simple tubular uprights, like our 2-inch round and square legs, which are usually packaged 4 per box. A single table leg can be used to hold a peninsula top. Sets of 4 table legs will hold round, rectangle, and square tables. Table bases are formed from a combination of horizontal and vertical steel tubes welded together. Our most common table bases are T-bases, C-bases, H-bases, O-bases, A-bases, and U-bases. Packed in sets of 2, they are utilized most on rectangular work surfaces or tops. Our X-bases for round and square tables are packaged individually.
  • What sets modsiLver apart from other table leg and table base providers?
    modsiLver strategically stocks large quantities of extremely well priced, imported table legs and bases. We also manufacture custom table legs and table bases faster than the rest at a fair price. We offer our customers their choice of in stock or custom made table legs and bases - or both! Our large inventory, flexibility, and willingness to provide our customers the exact product they need quickly and on demand makes us a winning choice.
  • What is your standard lead time for table legs and table bases?
    modsiLver lead times vary based on product. We stock over 10,000 metal table bases and metal table legs for same day shipping. We also manufacture table legs and bases extremely fast. Some metal legs and bases can be manufactured and shipped the same day. Other legs are custom manufactured metal table bases and table legs. These can be fabricated and shipped within 2-3 weeks.
  • What is your standard lead time on custom table legs?
    Our lead time is quicker than that of most companies. Larger orders may require 10 business days to fill, but we are here to impress and often turn orders around in less than 5 days’ time. Give us a call and let us know your needs and challenges. We'll work hard to meet and exceed them.
  • What are standard colors for modsiLver table legs and table bases?
    modsiLver “basics” are stocked in Black powder coat. Our modLine product is stocked in Silver/Platinum for a more refined look. We can powder coat any table leg or table base quickly. We offer 10 stock powder-coat finishes: Platinum/Silver Black White HM Medium Tone HM Light Tone HM Inner Tone HM Inner Tone Light HM Soft White HW Graphite KromeZone (new) There’s never a minimum charge to powdercoat legs or bases in Platinum/Silver. Other colors have a $70 minimum while the minimum charge for the KromeZone finish is $125.
  • Do you manufacture any retro, vintage or industrial style legs or bases?
    Our TROUT finish and our INDUSTRIAL Collection are really cool. The natural look of raw steel with a specialized phosphate wash and Clear or Matte finish really accentuates modLine Industrial H-bases and modLine V-bases. We can offer most bases in TROUT finish and can customize designs on the fly. Give us a call. Let's build some brand new, vintage looking furniture together!
  • What cool bases or designs do you offer that are out of the ordinary?
    We do some very custom bases on a daily basis. The modLine X-Con, modLine V-base, modLine Z-base, and modLIne Angled A-base are a few new designs that are quite unique and flexible.
  • What makes modsiLver’s modLine Collection different?
    Our modLine Collection is cool because of its square and rectangular profile tubing. modLine’s table legs and table bases create extremely affordable desks or benching options. The 1020MODS 2” square straight leg with corner top plate application is very versatile. The modLine O, A, and U-bases are stocked for 24” and 30” tops every day. We also manufacture any width or height modLine table base in house with great efficiency. We offer cross bars that attach to modLine table bases to eliminate lateral sway and provide anti-sag stability as well. We can customize a modLine benching table base to fit your needs or style with ease.
  • Do you offer bar height or standing height versions of your legs and bases?
    Yes, we stock bar height or standing height bases in most legs, T-bases, H-bases, X-bases, and cast iron bases. If we don't have the item you need stocked in bar height, we can manufacture it quickly and tackle the project efficiently.
  • Do you stock any bar height bases and legs?
    Yes, we offer a full selection of in stock round tubular legs. Also in stock are 2" round, 3" round, 24" and 30" T-bases and H-bases, and all sizes of X-bases for same day shipping in bar or standing height. We also manufacture any style base in 34.75" height so that, with the addition of a top, they reach 36" counter height.
  • Do you offer any bases designed for benching?
    Our modLine O-base is our flagship for benching applications. We offer this base in widths from 18" to 60". It’s quite versatile. Our modLine A-base and modLine U-base are also great options for benching. We suggest adding cross bars to eliminate lateral sway in some applications. Our 2" modLine square straight leg makes a great benching choice as well.
  • Do you offer crossbars to connect some table bases?
    Yes, we can add round crossbars to our tubular T, C, and H-bases to eliminate lateral sway. We also use square tubing to connect our modLine bases and benching systems. We highly recommend adding crossbars on bar height tables. They are reasonably priced for the stability they provide.
  • Are your table legs fully welded or sold KD?
    All modsiLver table bases are fully welded, with the exception of our X-bases. You'll find the fully welded bases to be maintenance free and the best overall value for non X-base applications.
  • Do you have caster models available?
    modsiLver stocks caster models in post legs, T-bases, C-bases, H-bases, and X-bases. Many other models can be cut down or modified for the additional height that casters add. We can often modify and ship the same day.
  • Do you offer any disc bases in cast iron and or flat solid steel?
    Yes, modsiLver stocks cast iron table bases for the hospitality market. The heavy bottom and textured finish of cast iron will always have a place in restaurant and break-room settings. We powder coat them in black because powder coating cast iron can be risky due to the textured finish, but we're always open to custom options.
  • Does modsiLver stock flip-and-roll table bases?
    Yes, modsiLver stocks flip-and-roll table bases in Platinum/Silver for same day shipping. We offer three styles: the 2460 with 2” black casters, the 5060 with cool 3” white casters, and our new 7060EXTREME with brushed aluminum accents and full nesting capabilities. The bases can accommodate work surfaces from 24-30” widths and 48-72” table lengths. We can powder coat flip bases as well.
  • What height adjustable table bases and table legs are available from modsiLver?
    We currently manufacture pin height adjustable table legs and bases in our Greenville, Michigan facility. Pin height adjustable bases and legs are the most economical way to either sit or stand. We can also modify our stock product to pin height adjustable bases easily. Post legs, T-bases, C-bases, X-bases and H-bases quickly and easily form height adjustable, ergonomic work spaces.
  • Do you offer hospitality and restaurant-style table bases and table legs?
    modsiLver stocks two styles of hospitality/restaurant style bases: Cast Iron and Low Profile. Our Cast Iron table bases are extremely durable and feature a textured Black finish. They are stocked in black and chrome for same day shipping. Cast Iron table bases are offered in the following styles: X-base, disc base, and T-base. Our Low Profile table bases are another nice option. They are stocked in Platinum/Silver and feature a smooth powder-coat finish. These Low Profile table bases are offered in both round and square plates. The Low Profile table base uprights can also be made round or square. modsiLver’s Low Profile bases can be used in office or hospitality settings and offer a very nice alternative to Cast Iron product.
  • Can modsilver help me figure out what size table base/leg to use for certain size surfaces?
    Yes, we would love to help you determine the table base or leg size you need for your table top. Call or email us any time. We are always available to help.
  • How fast can modsiLver manufacture a prototype?
    Give us your vision of the table leg or table base your customer needs for a specific project. We'll cut it, grind it, weld it, finish it, shoot a photo of it, and email a picture of your vision before 4PM if we can. This is how we make it happen and why we get excited about coming to work every day. Call us at 616-754-5655 or email to start the process. We want to work with you!
  • What if I need a table base or table leg that’s taller or wider than normal?
    We won’t break the bank or make you deal with extended lead times. Pre-made components, our "sharp-shooter" MIG and TIG welding team, and our eco-friendly, powder-coating facility working together will get you whatever you need done quickly. If you need table bases that are taller, wider, or hipper, we can get them to you lightning fast in 5-7 days or less. That’s unheard of in an industry that commonly makes customers wait 3-5 weeks for custom orders. modsiLver won’t keep you waiting.
  • What are some of your key advantages over your competition?
    Some companies manufacture table legs. Other companies distribute table legs. modsiLver is the perfect blend of manufacturer and distributor, reducing your supply chain and sourcing time. Our ability to manufacture prototypes in house the same day while also being able to ship a 500 base order from stock sets us apart. We can manufacture large quantities of table bases at our Greenville, MI location. We also stock over 10,000 table bases very nicely packaged for same day shipping. modsiLver is a small family owned company, and we make sure every customer who calls feels important and receives excellent service. Our pricing is very competitive, and we're open to value based programs that are a win-win for both our customers and modsiLver.
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